GrubMarket is today's fastest-growing online farmers' market supplying local fresh food with affordable prices and convenient delivery.
Sensel is developing next generation input technologies.
Drop’s mission is to empower anyone to cook great food by connecting the world's recipes and appliances.
A computer vision and machine learning platform for creators, film, AR, VR and game makers.
Naked Labs
Naked Labs is committed to promoting health through honest insights.
WaterBit provides growers with highly granular, real-time and low cost sensing systems to improve crop quality.
Catalia Health
Create the Mabu personal healthcare companion to help patients with chronic disease and collect data to healthcare providers.
42 Technologies
42 Technologies is a modern data analytics and reporting platform for retailers.
NanoCore was founded to bring a transformative new 3D printing technology to market.
Cinder designs and manufactures smart cooking appliances that empower people who love food to evolve the way they cook and eat at home.
Inlight Interactive
Inlight Interactive is building next generation MR workspace.
Internet Personal Wealth Management
Omny IQ
Omny IQ was created to eliminate the frustration associated with poor connected experiences.
Magnetic Insight
Magnetic Insight introduces an emerging imaging technology addressing today's clinical and translational research challenges.
Lily helps women discover clothes that make them look & feel their best using it's 'perception & empathy engine' and emotional intelligence
Kangaroo Health
KangarooHealth reinvents home care management for the 21st century using computer vision and big data analytics.
Polynesian Exploration
A leading navigation startup company, has launched its high accuracy navigation solution for various demanding applications.
Fanpics is proprietary camera technology that is pre-installed in venues and captures every fan celebrating during big moments in the game.
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Naked Labs

Naked Labs is committed to promoting health through honest insights.

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